Workshops & Seminars

re:kap creates highly memorable, inspirational and galvanizing experiences. Delivered to worldwide audiences from Dublin to Dubai to Buenos Aires and beyond, our workshops and seminars inspire, encourage and equip your people to win in the areas of:

Winning with Emotional Intelligence (New Business Skills)

Winning with EI is a lively veteran pitchman’s guide to organising for, targeting, pursuing, pitching and winning every pitch you make for the prized accounts you seek. This program teaches you the secrets that brought over $1 billion in revenues and helped agencies become number one in new business performance.

“These are the sessions that change the way we do business day-to-day.”

Program Attendee

The Buoyant Leader (Emotionally Intelligent Leadership)

Leading in the demand economy calls for embracing new practices, new languages, the application of high EQ leadership practices, and the ability to crystallize a collective ambition, to evangelize, coach and guide your organization to success. Entertaining, incisive and decidedly human, The Buoyant Leader lays out the core elements of good leadership, how to identify and create a real ambition and winning culture. 

“Kevin's Buoyancy course reinforces how individual compassion can ignite communities enabling great leaders and companies to consistently stay on the forefront of change.”

Angela Ahrendts, Former CEO

Killer Brief (Creative Brief Writing)

Great work comes from a great brief– and you need to give your Agencies the “freedom” of a tightly designed and inspired brief. The Killer Brief will show you how to ensure consistent, brilliant marketing communications, create laser sharp customer focus, and how to give clear creative direction.

This program gives you the essential elements of a winning brief, from the very structure that yielded the now famous Priceless campaign from MasterCard, “The Five Truths to the One Idea”.

“A totally different, inspiring approach to any training I’ve had previously.”

Frank Ralph

The Account Champion (Account Leadership Skills)

Great work changes everything—lives, careers, companies and their brands.

Employing best practices from some of the worlds most celebrated marketing campaigns, this program provides the inspiration, secrets and toolbox of techniques necessary to lead, motivate, sell and realize groundbreaking work.

“I came seeking inspiration. I left with a belief that I can make anything happen.”

Academy Participant

Growing Existing Accounts (Client Growth Management)

The most important asset a company can have is their existing client. And the process of winning an account, through understanding them deeply and connecting to them profoundly is as true in a moment of a pitch as it is in the day-to-day management of your organization’s most precious asset.

The growth of an existing account is to put the spear point of the pitch mentality– the chase mentality– to how we serve our business. In this workshop we will transform your account teams from farmers to hunters, building the best practices to drive growth and client satisfaction.

“Impactful, actionable messages.”

Program Participant